Useful Tips

  • Use a bank that is reliable (Some banks are better than others).
  • We advise you to use internet and mobile banking services as this allows you to make and check for payments any time of the day or night.
  • Make sure your bank account is setup to send out sms and email alerts when payments have been received.
  • Always try to add an alternate mobile number under your profile. This is just in case for some reason people calling you cannot get through.
  • Even though we try to verify every member that joins us, it is always good practice to call the person you are about to pay to confirm they are expecting the payment. Once done call to confirm payment has been made and remind them to confirm receipt of the money on helperschain site.
  • Only use bank account details shown in your Chainers member portal to make payments. If bank account details have to be changed, The payment receiver first makes the change in their Chainers member portal and the payer will get notified of this change.

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