Chainers Rules

All our members are called chainers as they are a single chain in a very long chain. In our community we have rules and they are;

  1. You must register with either a valid email address or with a valid social media account (facebook, Twitter or Google+)
  2. You must verify your email address, mobile number and bank account in order to be able to purchase an Investment Plan. This is done to make sure that information shared with members is correct and hence reduces time wasting.
  3. Once you have received a payment, you must confirm this payment within 24hrs or you will be sanctioned.
  4. Once you have been paired with someone you must make and provide proof of making the due payment within 24hrs. Failure to do so will lead to you being sanctioned.
  5. We have a 1 member to 1 account policy, if you want to buy multiple investment plans at the same time, activate your family virtual account feature. We monitor all bank accounts, email addresses and mobile numbers for irregular account activity. Your account will be suspended if we suspect you of opening multiple accounts
  6. Our members are expected to help us grow our helperschain community in different ways.
    • Click on sponsors adverts when you login.
    • Tell friends and family about us.
    • If you know Helperschain has worked for you, upload a video testimony.
    • Join our facebook page.
    • Follow us on twitter
    • Like our youtube channel
    • Say good things about us when you have the opportunity
    • Only serious people should join our community, time wasters should stay away

Sanctions info

Automatic Sanctions

  • For not paying and uploading proof of payment within 24hr time period… 2 weeks suspension (you can login but cannot buy an investment plan…you are also dropped from being paired, once suspension is over, you will be available for pairing)
  • For not confirming a received payment within 24hr specified time period…2 week suspension (you can login but cannot buy an investment plan)
  • For being sanctioned twice within a 3 month period…..membership cancellation.
  • A sanction is wiped from your account after a 3 month period if there are no further sanctions during that period.

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