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Welcome to HelpersChain (HC)!. We are a group of people that believe passionately in the social self-help concept. Our mantra is “People helping People” (PHP) and we have put our minds together to develop a platform that is built on our members believing that as long as they play their part, the chain of PHP can continue to grow for a long long time so that everybody ends up a winner. Once you become a member of HelpersChain, that means you have added another chain in our never ending Chain of social financial self-help and can proudly call yourself a “Chainer”. Our army of Chainers is growing every second and if you decide to join, one of your responsibilities to our community is to do everything you can to keep our chain growing. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, don't be that weak link. We again welcome you and are confident that you will find a Umbrella of financial support as a member of our community.

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